Dr Christine Aesthetics

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections


Wrinkle relaxing injections with Botulinum Toxin to reduce dynamic facial lines.

Areas include crows feet, frown and forehead lines.  Treatments lasting up to 6 months.


1 area £150

2 areas £200

3 areas £250

4 areas £300



Use of botulinum toxin for treatment of excessive sweating.  Treatment temporarily “turns off”the body’s sweat glands in the area injected, most commonly the armpits.  Lasting up to 6-9 months.


Single treatment £350

Dermal Filler Treatments


Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the Juverderm ultra range.  Suitable for treatment of volume loss such a cheeks, lips, jawline and softening of lines such a nose to mouth or mouth to chin lines.  Lasting 6-9 months


Juvederm ultra per 1ml syringe £225

Each additional syringe £175 per 1ml

Fine line fillers £175 per 1ml

Longer Lasting Fillers


Hyaluronic acid dermal fillers from the Juverderm Vycross range.  Treatment areas including lips, cheeks and tear troughs.  Treatments can last 18-24 months.


Vycross range £350 per 1ml syringe

Eyelash Enhancement


Eyelash treatment that you apply daily on to your own lashes.  Amazing results within 4 weeks that will make your own eyelashes grow longer, thicker and darker.


£65 for 1 month, £180 for 3 months